Our dentists provide dental care for all children, including those with physical and cognitive conditions. At Windsor Pediatric Dentistry, we provide special needs dental care in Windsor, Colorado, with the compassion and understanding your child deserves. Call our team so we can discuss working with the needs and limitations of children who have special needs.

Children with special needs can have difficulty brushing and flossing their teeth, which makes regular visits with a dentist more important than ever. Dr. Jill Shonka, Dr. Sarah Kate Lee and Dr. Macaira Leahy have advanced pediatric-related training in behavior management that allows them to work with all children, including those with special needs. We want your child to have a happy, healthy smile, and they can when they visit our dental office.

Dr. Jill Shonka, Dr. Sarah Kate Lee and Dr. Macaira Leahy use several techniques to help a child feel relaxed and comfortable while receiving treatment. We even offer sedation options for children who need a little more help because they feel anxious. Our friendly dentists and team have experience in giving a child with special needs the dental care they deserve. Call us before your child’s dental appointment so our dentists and team can prepare to accommodate for the patient’s needs and so we can give you instructions to follow in advance.