Children may feel nervous about visiting a dentist even before they arrive at the office. Dr. Jill Shonka understands that this anxiety can prevent a child from having a good dental experience, so she offers oral sedation dentistry in Windsor, Colorado. Children who need a little more help can simply take this pill and feel relaxed while receiving dental care from Dr. Jill Shonka. Call our office if you think you child can benefit from oral sedation.

Oral sedation is a type of conscious sedation, meaning that your child will stay awake during treatment, but be in a relaxed state. Anxiety is replaced with comfort when your child benefits from oral sedation. Our dentist will prescribe a pill for your child to take before their appointment. By the time our dentist is ready to provide dental care, the patient will feel very calm and comfortable. The only remaining effects are that your child may experience grogginess after their visit and may not remember a lot about the appointment.

Our dentist and team want all of our patients to feel happy and comfortable while receiving dental care. If your child suffers from severe dental anxiety, then using oral sedation may be the best solution. Call our office to learn more about how this sedation option can benefit your child.