We know how precious infants are, and parents can trust our dentists and team at Windsor Pediatric Dentistry when we provide infant dental care in Windsor, Colorado. With a kind and gentle touch, we will examine your young one’s mouth to make sure their growing smile is healthy and strong. We invite you to call Dr. Jill Shonka, Dr. Sarah Kate Lee and Dr. Macaira Leahy to learn more about the infant care they provide.

Children actually begin developing their teeth before they are even born. These primary teeth (more commonly known as baby teeth) will not start to show until they are between four and seven months old. Teething begins with the teeth in the front of the mouth and works to the back. Your child will have all 20 baby teeth erupted by the time there are three years old.

The American Dental Association recommends that infants visit a dentist by their first birthday. Even though their teeth are brand new, these pearly whites are still subject to decay and development problems. Our dentists are experienced in providing care for children of all ages, including infants. Dr. Jill Shonka, Dr. Sarah Kate Lee and Dr. Macaira Leahy will examine your child’s smile with love and care to ensure that it becomes strong and healthy. Call our office today to schedule an oral exam for your infant.